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Why InTech?

3 Portals

Your HESQ users have full access whilst other users / staff have a dedicated portal to undertake tasks. Auditors have their own read only portal as well.

Ease of Use

OHIO - Only handle it once! Avoid any double handling. The same document/note can show up in many places With consistent screens and formats means that new users quickly "get it".

Forms in seconds

Users can create forms in seconds and publish them to assets, people, sites, incidents, etc. New bit of gear? Here is your pre-start!

Document Everything

You can send emails via new messages or templates or add notes. Any change to the data is recorded in the activity log. No matter what you need to investigate you have the audit trail.

Training that makes sense

Our training system feeds into the qualification system. This works for formal and informal training. Your staff can complete training and inductions online for you to sign off on.

Risks, Incidents and Actions

Deeply woven into the system are stakeholders and workflows. Individuals have roles like assigned to, reviewer and stakeholder(s). Any activity is shared with the group and documented.

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Cloud Software

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Inertia-Technology provides 3 portals (Users, HSEQ team and Auditors). The users get a portal that is clear and simple to use on a desktop or mobile device. This portal is for your staff and visitors and is tightly controlled to give them the necessary access to resources in a clear and meaningful way. The User […]


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