Custom Forms

Custom Forms

Whilst there are commonalities in many businesses there is often different needs for data capture and terminology. This is especially true when it comes to forms. Forms are the key means for a user to capture, through entering data, the evidence needed to demonstrate compliance to a standard or process. 

Forms, Risks & People

“The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from;”

Andrew Tanenbaum

If we learned one thing from our migration from paper based forms to word processed ones it was process forking. Often one would go from branch to branch and see the company forms had been updated and changed locally.

This largely occurred because a user felt the form was inadequate, but also because paper based forms are not secure. They completely overlooked the fact that the original forms had been vetted and approved by the custodians of the system, and that their version might well be a change to a change to a change and had long since parted ways with any form of compliance.

Forms are designed to serve a specific purpose and users should not have a choice of a form to use. If you are operating a Enforcer 2.5T Diesel Forklift your checklist is going to be very different from a Müller Martini Normbinder 3001 (book binder). Pretty simple, the right form for the right purpose.  There should be no choices of “standards” because the forms are directly coupled to their purpose and not the whim of a user.

How does rigid compliance fare with dynamic evidence needs?

We have implemented a custom form tool that allows you to create and manage custom forms and attach them to any object in the system (personnel, sites, assets, training, incidents, actions, etc). The system allows you to create a form based on the purpose and need and does not restrict what evidence you chose to include, it simply accommodates the data you wish to capture.

Only users with the appropriate security and permission level can manage and assign forms meaning that there is no place to claim “a dog ate my homework” and have a user print of their own version. You control it. You manage it. And you monitor it.

Form Control Panel ~ Import a form from the form builder

Example Form ~ Note the elements including file uploads

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